one-handed entry

July 24, 2006

The rugs the cat puked on are finally in the big washing machine in the laundromat down the street.

The latest round of mouth sores are on the mend.

I cleaned the litter box this morning, as well as I could do without taking a toothbrush to every square millimeter.

Marlene and I went to my cousin's wedding this weekend in Plymouth, Massachusetts. We flew into Boston, courtesy of my parents, and were picked up and driven back to Norwood, courtesy of my Dad. The kids were great and the travel on either side of the visit went very smoothly.

All the horrible things I've done recently, like cancel the last meeting ever of my community group, and be obnoxious to a debt collector who called while I was folding the laundry – were last week, and since I turned thirty-six this weekend, in a sense they were last year. As Xian as I may be, that sense of distance is more reassuring to me than thinking about the blood of Jesus.

And a certain wife recovered from the insertion of her IUD over the weekend. And that certain wife took the day off and got to sleep in. Let the married reader understand. Now she's taken Georgia out to lunch and I may even get to vacuum the floor (via robot, courtesy of my brother).

My cousin took me aside at the wedding reception to share with me how the arrival of the second kid nearly spelled breakdown for her and divorce for her and her husband. She's right – it's hard. But today, things are looking up.


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